I am enjoying combining the bold African fabric with the softer colors of American wallpaper samples - a merging of cultures and symbols. Working with the bright colors and strong black shapes of the fabric has a very familiar feel, reminding me of my early woodcut prints

Boxer II Just Relaxing History
The Dance Loud and Clear Music Melodies
Twins The Gift Cat Serenade
Exploitation of Women Lunchtime 2 Flying High
Boat People Two Magicians The Trip

Romance Junk Dealer Community Dining
African Adventure Bad Knee Cat's Garden
GiftOfFlowers Feeding the Meter Two Robots
Rock and Roll Reaching Out Dance
Untitled Untitled Soccer Player
Loner In Prison Couple 2
Dog Trainer Gang Animal Fantasy
The Theater Acting Dancing
Talking Robot Religion
Singing Displaced People
At Home African Lady Lucky
Relaxing Quarter To Two iPad
Starting The Motor Walking The Dog Conference Table
Three Friends Sundae The Inventor
Victory Exercise Class Womanizer
Friendly Visit Sleeping with Dog Warm Memory
Lover Happy Time Goodbye
Mirror Night Visitor
Two O'Clock Playing Card Lucky Gambler
Magic Performers 2 Gambler
Riding With Bird Fishermen iPad
Royalty Visitor Chicken Farmer
Motherhood Traveller
Resting My Pet RedClock
Solitude Mother and Children
Untitled Protect
Mother and Child 2
Foxtrot Making Music
Runner Weightlifter Dancing
Medicine Dreaming Buggy Ride
Autumn YoYo Time
Lying Observing Nature Watching Insects
Botanist Frustration Looking Out
Card Player URQ Play Mates

America Family2 Shopping2

Chiropractor Protest
Flower Garden Birds In Flight Animal Retreat
Travels Coffee Time Riot
Performers Show Time Garden of Eden
Other Visions Puppy Treat Having Fun
The Gang The Kiss X-Rays
Lion King and Man Angry Woman Space Age
Angry Man Internet Age Anxious Lady
In the Woods Flower Lady Carnival
Hammock Unknown Soldiers In The Garden
The Ride The Bear Welcome
A Face Worker The Cave
The Harp Player Nap Time Skater
Weight Tine Bridge Happiness
Mother View Freedom
Supper Bingo Afternoon
Office Flute Thinking
Cheerleader Storm Feeding Bird
Florist CD Player Dancer
In The Woods Voter Time Keeper
Schoolboy Chicken Farmer Sitting
Exercise Class Birds In Flight Couple
Among the Flowers Computer Time Man With Dancer
Bouquet of Flowers Holiday Farm Worker
FallSports The Hunt Music Trio
Meeting a Friend Serenade Cat and Robot
Happy Fall Suppertime Lovers
Studio Tour 2013
Celebrating Children Lunch Time Summertime
Standing At The Lake Rhythm
Ten After Two Feeding Time Morning
Busy Day Untitled Swimmer
Evening untitled The Musician
Circles Under The Water Looking Sharp

Studio Tour 2012
First Steps Having Fun Celebration
Rock and Roll Let's Go Sounds of Music
World Today Musician 2 Forever 21
Plant Life Rebels
Long Wait Untitled Climbing High
Racing No Crossing
Noise Maker Play Toy
Celebrate Flying Birds in Flight
Federal Express Bird Watcher Resting
Fortune Teller Athena : acrylic and fabric collage computerized : acrylic painting and fabric collage
Snake Charmer Revolt Happy Hour
Fallen Monarch Busy at Home Clown
Womanizer Africa
Sleeping Vigor
A Concert Hope
Naptime Space Exploration Three Models
The Gift Dressed Up
Wardrobe Long Wait Gym
Landscape Town Meeting
Organ Grinder Disc Player Clock Maker
Guitar Player Ritual 2 Interpreter
Builder In The Garden Dancer
Women's Rights Mechanical Age Revolution
Astronaut Pinwheel Cleopatra
Dictator Runner Cellphone
Torture Ballad Singers Italy
Veterans Happy New Year Street Cleaners
At The Dock Funeral University
Shopping The Botanist SuicideBomber

Parade In Space
Mexico Freedom Floating
In the Sea Tap Dancer The Model
Red Stockings Memories Roses
Dancers In the Chaur Back Rest
At the Hospital Climbing
The Trip Nature's Rythms At Home