Printmaking became a passion in my life because of the direct response when you put the plate through the press. I became addicted to the magic and fascinated with all the different techniques in creating this form of art. When I became allergic to the different chemicals I turned to woodcuts, which I printed in black then hand colored. Although I loved the physical aspect of cutting into the wood, my hands began to hurt from the strain and sadly I am no longer able to continue.

Etchings by Florence Wint were used to illustrate "Cowboy Ed" by Bill Grossman. Now sadly out of print, you can still enjoy the illustrations here.

America's Response
Jubilee Homeless Bird and Knight
DNA Cab Ride Africa Folklore
Rebuilding NY Nature's Feast Cell Phone Mania
Jazz Peregrine Hawk Keep In Shape
Bumpy Ride Morning Buckle Up
Foods We Eat Engulfed Mexico
Endangered Species Polluted World Southern Belles
Peter and the Wolf The Treat Flying Hogs
The Rollers Blowing Bubbles In the Woods
The Monkey Ring Sunshower The Lost Catch
The Parade Celebration of Life Celebration
Bird Watching Evening Frolic Grandma Greta